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Portrait of Denis Jacques by Danny Ferland 2013
Oil on panel, 10 x 8 inches (Private Collection Denis Jacques)

Denis Jacques was born in Shawinigan in 1954. He paints compositions which combines realism and imagination, either in oil or in soft pastel. Sought portraitist, his works are in many private and public collections, including the President's Gallery in the Parliament of Quebec, the Archdiocese of Quebec and the City Hall of Quebec.

He is Honorary Member of the Institute of Figurative Arts of Québec, Master pastel artist of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada, Master Academician in the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec. Recipient of numerous awards including First Prize of the IAF in 2002, the "Prize of the City 2004" in Quebec and the Grand Prize Socrates AIBAQ.

As a Master portraitist, he was chosen to paint the official portrait of Louise Harel for the National Assembly (permanent collection, the Parliament of Québec). He is also technical consultant for oil painting and conservation and speaker.


Denis Jacques is mainly known for the quality and likeness of his portraits.  His works, of personal inspiration, are characterized by the presence of a character which is painted in a very realistic manner even though it evolves in an imaginary world inspired by fantasy and mythological references.